Bundle: Pokemon Sleep Maintenance Version 1.0.11 and Good Sleep Day 3.

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A new update is coming to Pokémon Sleep, with a large amount of updates, as well as a downtime period for maintenance. A new Good Sleep Day bundle has also been announced!

Good Sleep Day Bundle Vol 3

From 27th October, 2023, 5:00AM until 1st November 2023 at 03:59AM, a new bundle to help you make the best of the Good Sleep Day event will be available. It will cost 1500 diamonds, and will contain:

  • Growth Incense ×2
  • Luck Incense ×2
  • Focus Incense ×2
  • Great Biscuit ×9

Growth Incense is an item that doubles the EXP gained by your helper Pokémon during sleep research. It is best to wait for higher levels later in the week to optimise your usage of this, or on Good Sleep Days. If you use this incense during the Good Sleep Day event, the effects of the incense and the event will stack, and your Pokémon will receive four times the usual amount of EXP (or six times the usual amount on the night of the full moon).

Up to two types of incense can be set for a single sleep session. The three-day Good Sleep Day event is a good chance to use some incense!

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In order to update the app version to 1.0.11, maintenance will be conducted in the following time frame:

Starts: 24th October 2023, 02:00AM

Ends:24th October 2023, 06:30AM

The points to be updated

Game Contents

  • Changes to main skill Cooking Power-Up S so that it will not be activated when the pot’s capacity has exceeded 200 through main skill boosts.
  • Pot capacity can only be expanded up to a maximum of 200 through the main skill Cooking Power-Up.
  • If the main skill Cooking Power-Up is triggered when the pot’s capacity is at or above 200, a new pop-up will appear to explain that the main skill Cooking Power-Up will not or cannot be activated.
  • Changes to the Your Sleep Session pop-up that appears after sleep tracking, so that it shows how much Energy the Pokémon in your Pokémon Box recovered.
  • Changes to Snorlax’s animations so that Snorlax eats Berries faster after the user presses the Sleep button.
  • Changes to Snorlax’s animations so that if the user presses the Sleep button while Snorlax is still eating, the animation can be skipped even if it includes Snorlax’s rating going up.
  • Changes to the Sleep Consistency screen so that failed sleep tracking (tracking that stopped before the user pressed End Sleep Session) appears translucent.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes to a bug that caused the game to become unable to proceed if, after claiming a gift from the Present Box, a user tapped the Back button on the lower left without pressing OK on the pop-up.
  • Fixes to a bug that, in some cases, prevented Snorlax’s Strength-up animation from displaying when a Charge Strength main skill was triggered on the home screen.
  • Fixes to a bug on the sleep research screen that prevented the correct amount of Dream Shards and research EXP to be displayed at the top of the screen after a user tapped Speed Review (the camera button on the bottom right).

Specific to Android Bug Fixes

  • Temporary fixes to a bug that, in some cases, prevented the app from linking to Google or Facebook from Android devices even if the user tried to link accounts.
  • Fixes to a bug that caused the app’s background music to stop playing on Android devices if the user moved the app to the background while it was playing Relaxing Sounds from the sleep tracking screen, and then reopened the app to stop sleep tracking.


  • Changes to the order of profile icons to Pokédex entry order.

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