Detective Pikachu returns event (Pokemon Go)

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Pikachu in a detective hat is coming to Pokemon GO! Timed Research is a great way to celebrate the release of Detective Pikachu Returns for Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Shiny Costume

Pikachu in a detective hat and Slowpoke with a hat will be available at the event, both of which can be shiny.

  Slowpoke Pikachu Raichu


Event Bonuses

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    Time: Thursday, Oct. 5, 2023 10:00 am to Monday, Oct. 9, 2023 8:00 pm local.

  • Photobomb icon

    By taking a photo, trainers can have a surprise encounter with Pikachu in hat detective once a day.

  • XP icon

    Also, you will get 2x the XP when spinning PokeStops in this event

Wild encounters

During the event, the following Pokemon are more likely to appear in the wild:

  • Pikachu
    Wearing a Detective Hat

  • Growlithe

  • Magikarp

  • Lotad

  • Exeggutor (Alola)

  • Slowpoke
    wearing a hat

  • Xatu

  • Chimecho

  • Bronzor

  • Falinks

  • Ducklett

  • Bellossom

  • Cutiefly

Field Research

As a reward for successfully completing the field research themed around this event, you will receive:

  • Sudowoodo

  • Snivy

  • Rowlet

Collection Challenge

Complete the Collection Challenge by completing Field Research!

The Return of Detective Pikachu Event Timed Analysis

In this Timed Research tale, help Professor Willow find a Pokemon of Interest. Completing Field Research will earn you an opportunity to meet Pikachu in a detective’s hat.

Timed Research is no longer available. Timed Research tasks must be completed before the deadline of Monday, October 9th, 2023 at 8 p.m.

New Avatar Pose

Detective Pikachu Avatar Pose is available starting October 5, 2023 in stores!

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