In Three Years, Pokemon Go Aims at a Tenfold Increase in Indian Users

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Niantic, the US-based company behind Pokemon GO, has revealed its strategy to capture the Indian mobile market.

In a recent strategic move, The Pokemon Company and Niantic launched the game in Hindi, and took on the monumental task of renaming over 800 Pokemon to Hindi. The brands are demonstrating their commitment and dedication to establishing a foothold in India.

Omar Tellez – Niantic’s Vice President of Emerging Markets – revealed the grand vision for Niantic in an exclusive interview. In the next three-year period, we want to double our Indian users. India should be one of our five largest global markets. The development of localized contents, better map coverage, more competitive pricing, and stronger relationships with the local community will help to achieve this vision.

Tellez is optimistic despite the stiff competition in India from games such as BGMI, Call of Duty and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Tellez believes that Pokemon GO can carve a niche by embracing multiple languages, incorporating cultural relevance, organizing live events and providing special packages and pricing to Indian players. Niantic also has their innovative platform Lightship to its credit.

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of devices upgraded in India in recent years. Tellez said that we’ve optimized Lightship’s AR technology to suit the Indian market. It’s encouraging to see Indian developers adopting Lightship.

Niantic, in order to further demonstrate their dedication, has established in India a team dedicated for the game. The team of around 13 people is dedicated to marketing, business and operational development. Pokemon GO, the mobile gaming champion with a staggering 1 billion downloads, is worth mentioning.

Tellez cited sources such as App Annie and Data AI to say that “current global data suggest we have approximately 17 million active monthly users.”

The company has announced that it will be launching an esports or Player vs. In India, there are Player vs. They plan, in collaboration with their partners to hold regional qualifiers that will culminate in a final competition.

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