JTValor is the first player with all shiny furfrou trims.

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In an amazing new video shared earlier this week, content creator and Pokémon GO YouTuber JTValor shared that he had completed a truly impressive shiny family. He has travelled across the whole globe to change the trims on Furfrou, completing the entire shiny line!

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He called this video ‘I completed the TOUGHEST Shiny Pokémon Family in Pokémon GO!’, and we have to agree with him, this isn’t clickbait, it truly is the most difficult!

Furfrou is not only a tricky Pokémon to get full stop in Pokémon GO thanks to the fact that it typically only spawns during events like Fashion Week, or is available via your weekly research breakthrough, but it has a whopping TEN trims. And to actually get all the different trims for Furfrou you have to travel to specific countries! While some trims are available in larger areas such as the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and the Asia-Pacific Region, others are much more specific, and require being changed in Egypt, Japan and France! Two trims are available globally, one is the standard catchable trim, and the final trim is only available during the Valentine’s Day event.

Shiny Furfrou forms

While there are trainers out there who may have completed this collection, sadly many of those will be spoofers. It is a collection that requires thousands of miles of air travel to do yourself, and to get the shinies? Even trickier.

JTValor not only completed all the trims in his Pokedéx, but the shiny versions too! He has been incredibly lucky to catch some shiny Furfrou himself, and he has also had the support of friends and his local community who have traded him shinies knowing he was aiming to travel to complete the collection in shiny form. He didn’t trade for any of the changed trims, and did all the travel himself.

With recent trips to France, Egypt and Japan, JT was able to check off the trickiest trim changes, and complete his collection. This is a really impressive collection, and to see his travels via his YouTube videos is so much fun. He really grinds events, and shares how he travels on a budget at times to create his travel content. He’ aims to have a shiny living Pokedéx, and has shared videos of his completed Kanto and Hoenn shiny collections. This might just be his most impressive accomplishment yet.

Is JTValor the first legitimate player in the world to complete the shiny Furfrou trim collection? We think so!

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