Manchester United was so dull that one fan played Pokemon Go mid-game

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It’s true that we have all experienced both good and bad times with Pokemon Go, but there are also moments when you need to make the last raid of the day no matter where you happen to be. A Manchester United fan caught on camera playing Pokemon GO while watching a football game in a stadium seems to confirm that this is not just us.

Do not take our word for this, see for yourself.

We do, in all seriousness and truth, understand the move. Mega Garchomp Raid Day took place at the same moment as the match, with Manchester United doing well. The match ended 1:0.

The fan, who is a disguised Trainer, uses good counters or enough counters. Walrein isn’t our top choice, but the health of Garchomp being missing doesn’t make it a problem.

We hope this Pokemon Go Trainer got to catch a Garchomp that was shiny throughout the day. Other news is that it appears that many of our readers were not able to catch a Shiny Garchomp during the event.

Please share any experience you may have had with Twitter or X, as it is now called. We’re curious to know if Niantic has done a great job in increasing the shiny rate.

The general feeling of the “remote-raid friendly” Raid Day event is quite impressive. We hope that the player response during Mega Garchomp Raid Day will prove to Niantic they should increase the Remote Raids Limit more frequently than currently.

We wish you luck and hope that this article made you smile! Take a look at our article from a few weeks ago where we spoke with the fine people of PokeDoku.

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