Michael Steranka discusses City Safari Events with New Interview

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Michael Steranka, a recent interviewee by RocketNews24 on the subject of the City Safari and the possible impact they could have on the Safari Zone, was interviewed.

The first City Safari Events will take place this year in Barcelona, Spain, Seoul, South Korea and Mexico City Mexico. These are a brand new event type that focuses on ‘City Play,’ which we saw first in Sapporo, Seattle, and then all of the in-person GO Fests in the summer. Niantic wants to continue this trend with the City Safari event.

This interview has been translated using Google Translate. There may be slight differences in the language or exact words.

Steranka said, “The trainers were very happy with the city portion and we got a lot positive feedback.” Why not create an event dedicated solely to the city?” City play was a fun way to explore new areas, and it seemed that shiny hunter were very active when using buses.

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Steranka: “We love events such as GO Fest, of course. But on the other hand I am also eager to inform the trainers about all the great spots in the city. “The host city municipality and local partners are blessed with a number of wonderful locations.”

City Safari has another advantage: you won’t need to worry about buying the maximum amount of tickets. Tickets are very limited for GO Tour and GO Fest, which are both held in park venues. Especially in Osaka this year. Steranka says, “We were saddened by the fact that many Trainers had to give up participation. With City Safari, all trainers can attend.”

PK Sangjun, the interviewer, expressed his concern about Niantic focusing on City Safaris instead of the Safari Zone. We agree. It is a great way to get the whole community involved, as it allows them to meet, chat, fight, trade and enjoy Pokemon GO. City Safaris are spread over large areas, so you will only see players in the rarest of circumstances.

Steranka said that he, “completely understand[s]” that. The excitement that events in parks bring me personally is amazing. GO Fest, GO Tour and the Safari Zone will continue to exist. “I would like to believe that City Safari will bring a brand new event format, and that Safari Zone won’t disappear.”

The trainers’ feedback is crucial to this event. “We are going to carefully analyse the feedback of the trainers that participated in City Safari and make it an event of high satisfaction”.

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Steranka comments on the ease in putting together a City Safari vs. the costs, the limited tickets and the planning required for a Safari Zone. I would also like to mention that venue-type events are limited in space and require a great deal of preparation. City Safaris, on the other hand, don’t take up as much time. “I think that it could be extended to many cities.” In person events at dedicated parks require additional facilities such as towers to provide phone signals, security personnel, décor, etc. The City Play event style does not require all of this, which makes them cheaper to run.

He teases about the potential for countries that are often left out, such as Australia or Africa, to have a City Safari. “We have large teams in North America, Europe and Asia and also teams in each of our country.” Each team was asked to suggest cities for city safaris. We selected three. The local government does not hold City Safaris alone. They also work with local partners. City Safaris is designed to be an event which covers all the attractions of a particular city. By participating, you can experience everything a city offers. “I think that people will be able to appreciate the beauty of this.”

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Michael answers “I suppose so” when the interviewer asks specifically “For instance, can you hold a safari city in an African area where there haven’t been any real events?” This is not the best of responses, but it could be due to a translation or language issue.

Steranka concludes by confirming the importance of real-world events to the future of Pokemon GO. “Real world events are what differentiates us the most from other gaming apps.” The importance of real events in Pokemon GO will not diminish. Please look forward to seeing more real events. You must do it. “If you haven’t done it yet, come on over and see for yourself what fun is.”

It seems the City Safari will not replace the Safari Zone, but rather be a new addition to the Pokemon GO Calendar. It will be interesting to see what the community does to discover these events and find one another. These events have the potential to be a great opportunity for countries who have never had an in-person event before. Niantic could also make a lot of money from these events, as there is no ticket limit. It seems to be all-round win for everyone. We hope they go smoothly.

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