Monster Hunter now gets nominated for “Best mobile game of the year”

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Hello, Pokemon Trainers! Should I call them hunters instead? We’re getting close to the end of this year. This can only mean one thing. The awards season has arrived! The Game Awards have nominated Niantic Monster Hunter Now for the “Best Mobile Game Of The Year”.

The Game Awards is a celebration that takes place every year to honor the best games of each calendar year. It’s like the Oscars, but with video games. The creators behind Pokemon GO have released “Monster Hunter Now”, the latest in their series of games.

This is a sequel to Capcom’s “Monster Hunter”. As the title suggests, you are the player who hunts down fierce monsters and uses their body parts for better equipment. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the latest game to be released in this franchise. It is an extension to the Monster Hunter Rise game that was first released in March of 2021. Monster Hunter Now, a mobile spin-off game that utilizes similar AR features to Pokemon GO.

Monster Hunter Now is Niantic’s fastest-growing game, surpassing Pikmin bloom and Peridot. Since its launch in 2023, it has been downloaded over 10,000,000 times. Peridot, on the other hand, has been struggling as Niantic is a new concept and not based off an established franchise.

In 2016, Pokemon GO won the “Best Handheld/Mobile Game Of The Year”, as well as “Best Family Game Of The Year”. It will be fascinating to see whether Niantic is able to win another award this year, when the Awards are broadcast on December 7. You can also vote yourself for this game here.

Trainers of Pokemon, it’s goodbye for the moment. Priom-out!

What are the “Game Awards”?

Wikipedia: The Game Awards are an annual award ceremony that honors achievements within the video games industry. Geoff Keighley is the host and producer of the 2014 shows. He worked for ten years on the predecessor to the Spike Video Game Awards. The Game Awards also features the premieres of new games as well as information about previously announced titles.

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