Netflix to Release New Series “Pokemon concierge” Soon

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Netflix will soon be releasing a brand new Pokemon show, “Pokemon Concierge”. This story is set at a Pokemon resort on a south island and tells the tale of Haru the new concierge who slowly discovers her true self as she, along with the other staff, scramble to cater to all the Pokemon guests. The show premieres Thursday 28th of December, 2023 on Netflix.

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  • Directed by Iku Ogawa
  • Written by Harumi Doki
  • Concept Art/Character Design: Tadahiro Uesugi
  • Production by: dwarf studios
  • Theme Song: “Have a Good Time Here” by Mariya Takeuchi

It is the first collaboration between Netflix, The Pokemon Company and Dwarf Studio. Netflix previously collaborated with Dwarf Studio on Rilakkuma & Kaoru. The episodes are between 14 to 20 minutes long and feature a unique stop-motion style.

Rena Nonen, Haru’s Voice Actor, said: “When you watch [the show], you feel really therapeutic. It makes you want the be your best.”

Netflix describes Pokemon concierge as follows: “Welcome, Pokemons to Pokemon Resort. A peaceful retreat for Pokemons to have fun and relax.” Haru, the new concierge, has to decide which adorable Pokemon he will befriend first and assist.

The stop-motion style of this new series is adorable. It looks like it will explore Pokemon’s world in a different way. Humans can see what they are capable of doing for Pokemon without any battles in sight. This new series will you watch? I’m sold on the adorable Psyduck!

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