Niantic reminds Pokemon Trainer Club users that a new update to the login process is coming.

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Niantic announced that an update for the Pokemon Trainer Club login would be available on November 16, 2023. In the update, trainers who use PTC login for Pokemon GO are signed out and will need to do validation again.

It is recommended that you take note of the username and password for your Pokemon Trainer Club and add another login method in order to prevent being locked out.

Trainers with a Pokemon Trainer Club Account will receive a prize for validating their account once this change is complete.

The Pokemon Trainer Club is a free service offered by The Pokemon Company International. It connects users to Pokemon apps and games, such as Pokemon GO. You can also compete live in competitions and receive Pokemon news by creating a PTC Account.

Original Niantic article

Niantic’s original post can be found here:

On November 16, 2023 there will be a new way to log into Pokemon GO with Pokemon Trainer Club credentials. You will see an updated sign-in screen if you login to Pokemon GO using a Pokemon Trainer Club.

Due to this change, Trainers who are currently logged into Pokemon GO with Pokemon Trainer Club credentials will be logged off and need to verify to regain Pokemon GO access.

Before this update we suggest you make a note of both your Pokemon Trainer Club user name and password. Keep in mind, however, that the username for your Pokemon Trainer Club account may differ from your Trainer Name on Pokemon GO. Trainers with a Pokemon Trainer Club will receive a bonus for validating their account once this update is complete. Soon, more details will be released about this item.

We recommend that you add an extra login option to your Pokemon GO Account if one of the login services becomes unavailable. This will ensure you never lose access to it. Trainers that do not have a Pokemon Trainer Club linked account to Pokemon GO can receive a bonus for doing so after this change is complete. Find out how to link an extra login method for your account.

You can recover your username or password if you’ve forgotten it. You can contact the Customer Support Team of The Pokemon Company International here if you require further assistance.

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