Oddish gets a research day in September.

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Oddish Research Day will be held on the 17th of September. I admit that we were surprised. Oddish may be a great Pokemon but a Research Day on September 17 seemed odd, especially with the recent release of Paldean Starters, Celesteela in Raids and Kartana joining Raids.

We finally found out today. Oddish is the latest Pokemon to be featured in The Pokemon Company International’s “Discover Pokemon Together”, which continues its brand-wide “Pokemon Together,” year-long campaign. This program invites Trainers from around the globe to learn and discover more about the unique Pokemon throughout the franchise.

Enjoy the Oddish flavour of September with these exciting events!

Pokemon Oddish: Together, discover Pokemon

To celebrate “Discover Pokemon Together – Oddish,” the Pokemon Company International has released a video of Oddish wandering around in the night and scattering his seeds under moonlight before he encounters a group of angry Rattata.

Oddish: Beyond the Pokedex

Beyond the Pokedex takes viewers on an adventure through the past of one Pokemon each episode. The latest episode in September is all about Oddish, its depiction throughout the Pokemon universe. This includes its appearances on special merchandise and manga. This is the place to go for all things Oddish.

Ava and Oddish: Path to the peak

Ava discovers the joy of the Pokemon Trading Card Game in the recently released, limited-edition series Path to the Peak. Oddish is her partner and together they test her abilities to determine how good she can become. The four episodes of Path to the Peak can be found on Pokemon TV as well as the official Pokemon channel. Watch Oddish and Ava live today.

Oddish Path to the peak Promo Card

Path to the Peak isn’t over yet. Players can still get a promo card for the Pokemon TCG featuring the Oddish character from the series. Keep an eye out for more information about how you can get the special card. Oddish is also included in the Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet – 151 expansion which includes all the Pokemon of the Kanto Pokedex.

Oddish Research Day: Pokemon GO

Oddish is still a popular Pokemon GO feature. It has been around since 2016 and continues to make its presence known. On September 17, Oddish is going to appear more often, and you can get in-game rewards and bonuses.

Twitch Marathon: Oddish

Oddish’s long-standing history makes it no surprise that he has appeared in a variety of Pokemon animated series. Catch a Twitch marathon to celebrate Oddish’s exciting roles.

Today, from 2-5 p.m. EST on Twitch.tv/Pokemon you can watch a celebration animation marathon featuring the episodes of current Pokemon cartoons that feature Oddish.

A Closer Look at Oddish Mini-Website

Are you looking for more Oddish information? Discover Pokemon Together Oddish offers a wealth of Oddish information, such as details about the adorable Pokemon and other Oddish-related activities.

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