Party Play Issues

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Pokemon GO’s new Party Play is rolling out to all trainers around the world! You can work with friends in an hour-long team to accomplish challenges, increase your Raid Power and explore the map together.

Niantic continues to work on improving this feature. Below is some information about known issues. Please let Niantic Know if you encounter any other problems.

The distance explored at the bottom of the party summary might not be the same for all players.

Problem description: If a player leaves an early Party, it may affect the total distance traveled by all players. It is only a bug that affects visual rewards and not distance-based ones.

Problem status: Fixed in the upcoming version (0.287).

The Trainer Avatar appears in the Map even when you are on a Raid.

Problem description: A Trainer’s avatar still appears when they are in a raid.

Problem status: Fixed in the upcoming version (0.287).

Instead of favourited Party Challenges, default Party Challenges appear on the Activity page.

Problem description: If a trainer favourites a challenge for a party, the favourited status does not show up on the Activities page.

Issue status: Investigating

When their location sharing data is disabled, party members are still visible.

Problem description: If a party member turns off his/her location, the Avatar on other trainers’ maps should also disappear. The Avatar does not disappear from the Trainer’s Map, but it appears instead.

Issue status: Investigating

Party Power Up will not be charged if the Pokemon of all Party Members faints during a Raid Battle.

Problem description: Party Power Up will not charge you if your Pokemon are all defeated during a Raid Battle. This is true even if the Party Members join the Raid Battle again with new Pokemon.

Issue status: Investigating

Use of an official Bluetooth Device (e.g. The Party Challenges and Party Tab Stats for Pokemon GO plus+ do not apply.

Problem description: Pokemon Go Plus+, other Bluetooth-enabled devices and PokeStops’ spins do not count toward Party Challenges or the Party Tab Stats.

Issue status: Investigating

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