Pokémon GO Black Friday Sale Analysis

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Pokemon GO announced details for this year’s PokeCoins Black Friday Sale. It is only available on the Pokemon GO web store, which is an official website that allows Trainers the opportunity to purchase PokeCoins in addition to the normal app shop and receive bonus Coins.

Niantic is offering 2x bonus coins for bundles above $20 US dollars this Black Friday. This does not mean they will give 2x the bundle for the same cost, which is quite incredible. Instead, Niantic has doubled their bonus coin reward when purchasing from the Pokemon GO Web Store.

The prices were compared to the regular Web Store Bundles and in-app packages that are available to me (Croatia). Niantic’s region-specific pricing will likely make your prices for these bundles different. Here is what I see.

Black Friday Pokemon Go Sale

The list below shows all of the PokeCoins that I can buy, along with their prices and coin amounts, as well as price per 100 Coins (PP100 column).

Source Coins Price Price per
100 Coins
Web Store Black Friday 2900 €22.43 €0.77
Web Store Black Friday 6000 €45.79 €0.76
Web Store Black Friday 16500 €119.45 €0.72
Web Store 600 €5.71 €0.95
Web Store 1300 €11.94 €0.92
Web Store 2700 €22.43 €0.83
Web Store 5600 €45.79 €0.82
Web Store 15500 €119.45 €0.77
In-game 100 €0.66 €0.66
In-game 550 €5.71 €1.04
In-game 1200 €11.94 €1.00
In-game 2500 €22.56 €0.90
In-game 5200 €45.79 €0.88
In-game 14500 €119.45 €0.82

To make it easier for you to compare the three bundles we offer – 5200 Coins and 2500 Coins

Source Coins Price Price per
100 Coins
In-game 2500 €22.56 €0.90
Web Store 2700 €22.43 €0.83 7.94%
Black Friday 2900 €22.43 €0.77 14.29%
In-game 5200 €45.79 €0.88
Web Store 5600 €45.79 €0.82 7.14%
Black Friday 6000 €45.79 €0.76 13.33%
In-game 14500 €119.45 €0.82
Web Store 15500 €119.45 €0.77 6.45%
Black Friday 16500 €119.45 €0.72 12.12%

This table makes a few things immediately apparent. Black Friday offers are the best for large bundles but aren’t that good. Comparing these bundles we see that regular Web Store deals are on average 7 percent cheaper than equivalent in-game packages, while Black Friday deals are 13 percent cheaper.

If you buy PokeCoins in this sale you can save anywhere between 12% and 14.3%, depending on which bundle you choose.

These aren’t the crazy Black Friday sales that consumers have come to expect. You can safely skip this deal if you are not in a hurry to purchase Coins. You can choose any of the deals if you want to buy coins. The size of your bundle doesn’t make a difference. The discounts are still comparable to those offered in the game.

Official post


PokeCoins are on sale for Black Friday! When you buy PokeCoins Bundles over $20 on the Pokemon GO Web Store, your bonus PokeCoins will be doubled. Select webstore purchases could give you up to 2000 PokeCoins in bonus PokeCoins!

The sale will only be available until 11:59 pm PST on November 27, 2023. Limit one purchase per PokeCoin bundle per customer.

Browse our year-round bundles on the Pokemon GO Web Store.


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