Pokemon GO Fest Has $300 Million Global Economic Impact

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Niantic has reported on the economic impact of three massive Pokemon GO events in Osaka this year, London, and New York. The study, conducted by Statista showed a $300 million dollar impact for all three cities.

According to the study, Pokemon GO Fest in New York, London, and Osaka generated a total of $323,000,000 for local economies. This includes $73.8 million tax revenue. Niantic’s figures show that the local economies received a boost of $323 million from Pokemon GO Fest in New York, London and Osaka, including $73.8 million tax revenue.

The 2023 UEFA Champions League Final was expected to generate an economic boom of around $80m for Istanbul. Eurovision boosted Liverpool’s regional economy in 2023 by $66.2m, while Taylor Swift Eras Tour concerts in Kansas City generated $48m in the local economy.

Writers who attended GO Fests in New York City or London wrote reviews about their experience. You can read their reports here and here. These figures are interesting to read. While London and Osaka were both held on the same day, New York City was the only event. This gave it a significant economic boost.

New York City

The study concluded that the Pokemon GO Fest, which was held on Randall’s Island in New York City gave the local economy a boost worth $140.1 millions and generated $28.1 million of tax revenue.

New York City has the largest live event scene in the world. “The Niantic Team proved to be excellent partners in our efforts this summer to bring the Pokemon Go Fest to the Five Boroughs, and the study’s results speak for themselves,” Fred Dixon said, President and CEO, New York City Conventions and Tourism. The event was a great opportunity for the City to be showcased to fans and players from all over the world. 21% were first time visitors. “We look forward to having them return to NYC in the future.”

The event seemed to be a hit with attendees, Pokemon lovers, and the New York City Tourism & Conventions Company, a quasi-non-profit organization that is New York City’s official tourism, marketing and partnership agency. Deborah Maher is also quoted by Niantic’s Report. She said:

The Randall’s Island Park Alliance is thrilled that Pokemon GO made its debut at the park in this summer. It was amazing to see the overwhelming excitement and engagement of attendees. “We are thankful to the fans and community that helped make Pokemon GO Fest a great success in 2023 and we hope to see them again.”

New York City Figures

  • Economic Boost: $140.1M with a tax revenue generation of $28.1M.
  • Attendance: 74,000 tickets sold, with 58% of attendees aged between 27-44 years.
  • Spending Trends: An average spend of $783 by each visitor.
  • First-time NYC Visitors: 21% of attendees got to experience the appeal of New York City for the first time.
  • 35 million Pokémon were caught during the Pokémon GO Fest New York.
  • Attendees walked an average of 18.6 miles while capturing Pokémon and making connections with other Trainers.


The London event, held in Brockwell Park in August, is said to have generated an economic impact in the region of PS46 ($55.9 millions), and PS22 ($26.8million) in tax revenues. More than 50,000 players and spectators attended the event, both at the venue as well as in other parts of the city. Most (62%) of the attendees came from outside the UK, which contributed even more money to the local economy.

Tracy Halliwell, director of tourism, conventions & major events at London & Partners, stated:

The openness and curiousity of Londoners has made Pokemon GO Fest a huge hit in our City. London is a great place to host events because of its diverse community, excellent transport and wide range of venues. “We’re looking forward to future Pokemon GO Fests, and we are dedicated to working with Niantic in order to bring fun events to London.”

London Figures

  • Economic Impact: £46M with a tax revenue generation of £22M.
  • Attendance: 62% of visitors travelled from outside the UK, and 60% of attendees were between 25-44 years old.
  • Spending Trends: Each visitor spent an average of £430 ($522).
  • Destination London: 49% of attendees would visit London again in the next 12 months.
  • 34 million Pokémon were caught during Pokémon GO Fest London.
  • Trainers attending Pokémon GO Fest London walked on average 41 kilometers while enjoying the event.


Map of Pokémon GO Fest 2023 Osaka

Map of Pokémon GO Fest 2023 Osaka

Osaka’s GO Fest generated Y=1.649BN (11.6M) of tax revenue and had an impact on the economy worth Y=5.409BN (38M). The three-day event at Expo ’70 commemorative park and the urban areas of Osaka and Suita saw over 60,000 trainers.

Osaka Figures

  • Economic Impact: ¥5.4B with a tax revenue generation of ¥1.6BN.
  • Attendance: 78% of those who attended the event came from other parts of Japan, while 2% of participants came from abroad (primarily the U.S.).
  • Spending Trends: The average visitor spent during the Osaka event was ¥47,755 ($335).
  • Here For The Shopping: Osaka attendees spent ¥1.66BN ($11.7M) on shopping.
  • 21 million Pokémon were collectively caught by Trainers during Pokémon GO Fest Osaka.
  • Attendees walked an average of 27 kilometers while exploring the Expo ‘70 Park and Osaka’s urban areas.

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