Pokemon GO has evolved the first ever 100% Zygarde!

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Trainers, attention! Unthinkable! A Japanese Trainer has collected enough Zygarde cell by following Routes in order to evolve 100% Zygarde. Zygarde can only be acquired and evolved through farming Pokemon GO Routes. These are notoriously rare in many parts of the world.

Watch the evolution of a Zygarde 100%:

Zygarde in Pokemon GO is notoriously hard to obtain, since you have to collect Zygarde Cells to evolve and can only receive 3 per day. In addition, each Route that you complete every day only has one chance of granting you a Cell. This means that you can’t repeat the same route to get a Zygarde Cell.

If you can get three Cells a day, it will take you at least 84 hours to collect 250 cells needed to create a Zygarde that is 100%. It is very difficult to do this in many parts of the world where Routes are few and you only have one nearby.

This achievement is even more remarkable when you consider the fact that Zygarde Cells are randomly dropped. We’re not surprised, however, that this first occurred in Japan. Japan is known for its Pokemon GO culture. There are many in-game routes and a large player base. You will see that the player in the attached video has 112 millions Stardust.

It is no surprise that Zygarde also has a Best Friend Ribbon. This player is likely to have been working hard for three months with Zygarde, and walking Routes every day.

This is a great achievement for the Japanese player!

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