Pokemon GO Party Play: Party anywhere!

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On October 17, 2023, Party Play will be available globally! Party Play is a brand-new feature which brings your community together with you.

Party Play lets you party wherever you want!

Are you looking for a way to enjoy Pokemon GO together with friends? You’re covered with Party Play. The Party Play feature allows Trainers to play together and share the same in-game challenges.

Four Trainers (level 15 or higher) can adventure together in a Party. Your friends will even appear on the map of your game. You can represent your team or take on new challenges while catching Pokemon.

Party Play allows you to collaborate with friends to defeat raids using new enhanced power. You can also share your achievements with others through activity summaries.

What should you do at a party?

How to host a party:

  • Open Pokémon GO and navigate to your Trainer profile.
  • Tap the new Party tab.
  • Tap Create.
  • You’ll be given a numerical code or QR code that you can share with up to three nearby Trainers.
  • Tap Start and let the party begin!

What to do if you want to join a party:

  • Open Pokémon GO and navigate to your Trainer profile.
  • Tap the new Party tab.
  • Tap Join Party. You will be prompted to either scan the host’s QR code or manually enter a numerical code.
  • Wait for the host to start the party! Once the party begins, you’ll be returned to the map.

Party Challenges
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Play Party Play together to solve the challenges!

  • After a party is formed, the party will receive a pop-up asking which Party Challenge they want to take on.
  • Party Challenges can be focused on spinning PokéStops, battling in raids, catching Pokémon, and more. What other challenges await your next party?
  • Completing Party Challenges get you in-game rewards.

Party Power
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A new bonus is available when you challenge a raid as a group: Party Power.

  • Party Power doubles the damage of your next Charged Attack and charges with every Fast Attack.
  • More party members means your Party Power charges faster!

Activity Summary
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The Party Tab of your Trainer’s profile, or the PokeStop Icon displayed on the map will allow you to check the progress and details for your Party.

The Activity Summary of your party will include the following categories: Pokemon Throws, Adventures, Battles, and General.

You can quickly access your favorite activities by bookmarking them in the Favorites section of Activity Summary.

A tutorial is available to help you understand Party Play. The in-game Tutorial can be viewed by clicking the question mark in the Party Tab of your Trainer Profile.

Get Special Welcome Party Research

You and your group can get exclusive Eevee themed T-shirts! Trainers will be able to get Eevee themed T-shirts in the Special Research, Welcome Party. Can you collect them all?

Join the Squad for Spooky Halloween!

Pokemon GO Halloween Party is all over the place. Why not throw a party with your friends? The first part of Halloween 2023 begins on October 19th, 2023. Halloween festivities end Tuesday October 31st, 2023 at 8 p.m.

Post Your Party!

You’ll receive a visual summary of your party, including you and all your friends. Share your favorite Party Play moments using #GOPartyPlay or #GOStartThePart


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