Pokémon GO Raises 100 PokéCoins Bundle Price

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The price of PokeCoins in the Pokemon GO in-game store has increased for the first time since recent history.

Trainers discovered that on the morning of September 26th 2023, the price for the 100-coin bundle was changing. The amount increased varied depending on the trainer’s local currency. Trainers have shared screenshots online that show different price increases. These seem to be a reflection of local currency exchange rates.

  • In Australia it increased from 99 cents Australian to $1.59
  • In the UK it was previously 79p, and is now 99p
  • In Canada is was previously and is now $1.39 Canadian dollars
  • Trainers in New Zealand reported an increased from 99 cents to $1.69
  • Unusually, in India currently trainers are reporting their cost didn’t increase, and it remains INR 29
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The 100 PokeCoins bundle used to be the most valuable of all the PokeCoins bundles. It was therefore more cost-effective to buy 5x 100 PokeCoins than the equivalent 550 PokeCoins. In the UK, 5×100 PokeCoins cost PS3.95, while the equivalent 550 PokeCoins bundle costs PS4.99 The 1200 PokeCoin Bundle is priced at PS9.99. However, you can purchase 12x 100 PokeCoins bundles for just PS9.48. It costs PS19.75 for 25 bundles of 100 PokeCoins, while 2500 PokeCoins cost PS19.99. You only started saving money once you reached the 5200 PokeCoins bundle.

Sadly, with the price hike the 100 PokeCoin Bundle is now more expensive than the other higher priced bundles. As far as we know, the higher cost bundles are not affected by this price increase. Only the 100 PokeCoin Bundle.

The Web Store offers ‘Web Store Bonus Coins’ at prices the same as the in-game shop. This could be a way to get trainers using the Web Store. However, the 100 PokeCoin Bundle was not available when this article was written. Web Store bonus coins are available at the same price as in-game shops. The bundle of 550 PokeCoins becomes 600 and the bundle of 1200 PokeCoins becomes 1300.

This 99 cents 100 PokeCoins bundle is a popular one. Many trainers don’t want to spend too much money in GO so they use it as a way to save on bundles or to add coins to their gym.

The bundles that are the ‘best’ value for money tend to be the most expensive. For example, the PS99.99 package, which I purchased in the UK had 14500 PokeCoins in the game shop, while the Web Store only offered 15500 PokeCoins. The lower priced bundles are much more desirable, as I don’t think many trainers would buy this large bundle.

The price hike was done without any other notification, and people only noticed it when they went to purchase their 100 PokeCoins bundle. We are interested to know how much the price of the 100 PokeCoin bundle in your area has gone up. Let us know via social media.

Brazil Pricing Changes

Brazil is set to see lower prices, which is interesting, as the rest of the world has seen higher costs. Brazil has been a topic of discussion in the past, and this news is great!

New updated prices:

  • R$ 1.90 for 100 Pokecoins
  • 550 Pokécoins – R$9.90
  • 1200 Pokécoins – R$18.90
  • 2500 Pokécoins – R$37.90
  • 5200 Pokécoins – R$76.90
  • 14500 Pokécoins – R$191.90

Alan Mandujano is the head of LATAM for Niantic.

This initiative demonstrates the value of Brazil to Niantic. Pokecoins will be more affordable with a price list that is aligned to the local reality. With this change, we hope our players will be able to enjoy the many experiences Pokemon GO has to offer.

Brazil has been complaining about the high costs for a long time. We’re really happy to see that these inequalities have now been addressed. What do Brazil trainers think about these changes?

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