Pokemon GO Teases Party Play, A Cooperative Party Mode

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The official Pokemon GO Twitter account recently sent out a tweet that sparked a flurry about Party Play. This feature allows Trainers form groups and enjoy bonuses when playing together.

Niantic has finally confirmed that Party Play is in development. This is the official teaser:

We know some early details of Party Play thanks to unofficial data-mining channels. However, these are still unconfirmed and should not be taken too seriously!

Data mining can make a feature look like it was based on data, or not. Niantic, or The Pokemon Company International does not provide or approve any of the information.

Here’s what the data mining information says about Party Play.

  • Party Play allows Trainers to create parties of up to 4 Trainers, and to get bonuses and earn rewards while playing with the group
  • You need to be near the party host to join, and you can either join using a code, or by scanning a QR code
  • You can see other Party members on the overworld map, and you can decide whether or not you want to share location and your avatar
  • By playing in a party, you use your Fast Attacks to get Party Power, which increases the damage of your next Charged Attack
  • You can also complete Party Challenges to earn rewards, and we don’t know what the rewards are

Reddit reported that the first look at party play was leaked on 21st of April.

Party Play appears to be a game that borrows features from Pikmin, where players can interact with each other in the same virtual world, and even Monster Hunter Now, Part Up.

You can hunt with others in Monster Hunter. We hope Niantic will remove some features that are detrimental to the game’s quality of life, such as automatic party disbanding, inviting players nearby, or reporting inappropriate players.

Niantic has not yet announced when or how the new feature will be available, but it is expected to come out soon. Perhaps next week. As soon as we have more information, you’ll be updated.

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