Pokemon Sleep: Mr.} {Mime & Mime Jr.

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The first new Pokemon since the release of Pokemon Sleep has been added!

Mime Jr. The sleep studies you have all conducted may be the reason why Mime has been seen near Cyan Beach. It may soon be possible to see them while conducting sleep research.

Once you unlock 20 Sleep Styles, you will be able to travel to the Island of Cyan Beach. The description of the island is ‘This fine, white beach stretches out to the horizon and is kissed gently by sea breeze. Here, many Water-type Pokemon reside.

Pokemon Sleep’s in-game events are growing, as new Ghost Pokemon have been teased.


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    Begins 12th September at 7:00. We are unable to confirm the time zone or local time.

  • Pokemon Encounter icon

    Now you can meet Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime.

  • General icon

    Mr. Cyan Beach will host Mime, Mime Jr. and Mr.

  • General icon

    Mime Jr. appears with Slumbering Slumber Type.

  • General icon

    Mr. Mime appears with Snoozing Sleep Type.

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