Pokemon Sleep: New Energy Recovery Options

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The recent update, version 1.0.9 of Pokemon Sleep has brought a significant quality-of-life update in how energy is used. The energy component of Sleep is crucial, since it allows Pokemon to collect ingredients and berries at a faster rate throughout the day. Most players are unaware of how energy affects your team and that having Pokemon with higher energy will allow you to gain Drowsy Power much faster for Snorlax.

Pokemon Sleep added the ability to allow Pokemon inside the Pokemon Box to recover energy after taking into account the feedback of players. It’s a big win for the Community!

As a result of the overall balance in the game, up until this point, the Pokemon on your team that you were sleeping with would only recover energy. The game was changed based on feedback from many players who complained that Pokemon would not recover Energy in the Pokemon Box and they’d stay at low Energy levels for a long time. Now, the following changes will take place:

  •  Energy equal to 5% of your sleep score will be recovered.
  • This will be reflected after the next morning’s sleep research is finished.

If you have a 100 sleep score, a Pokemon that had 0 energy the day before will get 5 more the following morning.

Pokemon that are currently on your team continue to receive energy in the same manner as they did before. The Pokemon Box will only be affected by this new change if you have a Pokemon that is not currently on your team.

This will also affect the Pokemon that you have in your Pokemon Box:

  • If you use a Recovery Incense, Pokémon in your Pokémon Box can recover 10% of your sleep score (the usual 5% plus another 5%).
  • The above effect also applies to the second sleep session of the day. (You can have up to two Sleep session per day).
  • Adjustments to Energy recovery based on Pokémon Natures will be applied to each Pokémon individually.

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