Pokémon Sleep: Updates, new features, and free items!} (September 2023

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Pokemon Sleep announced that it is working on a number of updates, including new features and enhancements. As a thank-you, there is also a gift* for all players. Make sure to claim this fantastic collection of freebies.

In the next version, we will be adding more points.

Pokemon can now recover a little energy from sleeping inside their Pokemon Box. This is a great addition, since they currently don’t gain any energy unless you have them in your Sleep Team.
The issue where the Pokemon Natures were not reflected in EXP when using candies has been fixed – another great win. Although many of the Natures may not be ideal for your Pokemon, it is still a loss to those who have good natures.

The next version of this section will include other features, including quality-of-life updates. We don’t know what they are yet.

Current updates are in development

* Implementing season events. Fingers crossed that this is a hint towards the Halloween event teased, or maybe even a Christmas one?
The first Pokemon added to the game this week was Mr. Mime, Mime. Jr at Cyan Beach
Add new alarm and relaxing sounds. I like it when Pikachu sings me to sleep, but my husband finds it creepy. New sounds are a win-win for me.

There are a number of issues that will be addressed in the near future.

Some sleep tracking systems fail during maintenance
If this is what it implies, then not only does Snorlax get more power, but your entire team can also gain energy from the meals. That’s a wonderful update to quality of life!
The collection of Berries and Ingredients from Helpers is now easier.

Special Gift

Each player will receive a small gift to show their appreciation for playing Pokemon Sleep. The gift can be accepted by clicking on the icon of a box in the upper-right corner of the main in-app menu. Claim this as there are some fantastic items that could cost you a lot of money.

* Poke Biscuit x10
* Sleep Point 1000
The Handy Candy S is available in x20.
Growth Incense, x1.

Players who have registered prior to 2023/10/28 at 05:00

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