Pokemon Unreleased From Generations 1 – 4 in Pokemon Go: What is Left?

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Over 700 Pokemon species have been released in the 7 years of Pokemon GO. Niantic released almost an entire Pokemon generation each year when the game was first launched. We saw this with the releases of many of the Hoenn and Johto Pokedex. The majority of Pokemon were released at once, with a handful of special Pokemon or unique forms being held back for later releases. Niantic, however, has been slowing the release of the new generation as time goes on.

We only release one evolution line at a given time. This usually coincides with a special event. We have seen most of the Pokemon generations 1-7 over the last few years. Today, I’d like to discuss the Pokemon, alternative forms, regional evolutionary stages, and Mega Evolutions for Kanto, Johto Hoenn and Sinnoh that are yet to be released, along with their possible release dates.

Convergent Pokemon, and Paradox Pokemon are not included in the game. This may surprise some players who have played the games from the Main Series. Although these Pokemon are considered related to the more popular ones, they’re treated as a completely new species rather than an evolution. Wigletts, Toadscools, and Paradox Pokemons will therefore not be on this list. Maybe we’ll cover them in a separate article at some point?

Please note, this is just a speculative article. Let’s get started!


Let’s start with Kanto, the iconic original region. The majority of Kanto Pokedex, except for Ditto, was available upon the release of the game. It was the first time that a region’s Pokedex could be 100% completed. There are still some alternate forms that could be seen in the future.

Cosplay Pikachu

Cosplay Pikachu is a Pokemon that you may already know. The Pokemon was first introduced as a free gift in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Pikachu can change into different costumes, and it will learn new moves based on the costume. Cosplay Pikachu’s Libre Rock Star and Pop Star form are already available on Pokemon GO via GO Battle League Rewards and GO Fest 2020, respectively. Flying Press Fighting is the special move for Libre. Meteor Mash Steel is for Rock Star. And Draining Kiss Fairy is for Pop Star.

Above are two forms that have not yet been released. The Belle form can be taught Icicle Crash Ice and the Ph.D. can be taught Electric Terrain Electric. This status move is currently unavailable in Pokemon GO. These two forms could be released alongside a future GO Fest in a manner similar to that of the Rock Star or Pop Star form.

Paldean Tauros

Tauros received a little love from Paldea in the form three different regional variations. Combat Breeds is pure Fighting, whereas Blaze Breeds and Aqua Breeds, are Fighting/Fire and Fighting/Water types.

The Combat Breed is very common in Scarlet and Violet. However, Blaze and Aqua Breeds tend to be rarer. Tauros is a regional Pokémon, which complicates its release. However, they may make their debut similar to Galarian Mr. Mime. Even if it is paid-walled again, I’m sure they will release them in the wild, or for research, at some time after their release. This won’t likely happen until a few years from now, as Paldean Tauros is part of the Generation 9 Pokedex.

Mega Mewtwo X/Y

Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y are both Psychic / Fighting types. Mega Mewtwo Y is a pure Psychic type. Mega Mewtwo X has a Psychic / fighting type, while Mega Mewtwo Y only has a Psychic-type.

Mega Mewtwo is likely to be released at a later date, perhaps at GO Fest 2020 or 2024. Niantic could delay their release as these Pokemon will be the most powerful in the game.


We’re now moving on to Kanto, the neighboring province. When the Johto Pokedex first came out, I still remember how excited everyone was. We had previously only been able to access Kanto Pokemon. Seeing silhouettes on the tab near us was a great thrill. The Johto Pokedex can also be completed to the fullest extent. It’s a pretty short list of forms that have not yet been released compared with some of the next generations.

Paldean Wooper/Clodsire

In the Paldea area, Wooper has been given a new name: “Pooper”. Clodsire is a new evolutionary form. They are both dual types of Poison/Ground.

Wooper will be getting its very own Community Day later in the year. This event will include its Paldean Form and Clodsire. These leaks are not confirmed but it would be a great way to get a new Pokemon and its shiny version!

Mega Heracross

Mega Heracross will give the Bug type some much-needed love. You may think that its regional status would be a problem. This did not stop Niantic from releasing Mega Kangaskhan which is also regional. Heracross, which was temporarily made available worldwide during the Johto Tour, should be released in a limited time frame.

Galarian Corsola/Cursola

Corsola was given a variant based on a region in Generation 8. This is one of the most innovative design ideas for Pokemon ever. Corsola’s evolution, Cursola is inspired by coral reefs, which have been tragically destroyed by humans. Ghost-like typing seems sadly fitting.

Corsola, another regionally exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Although I’d love to see Corsola added to 7KM, it would be a safer assumption to make that it will get the Galarian treatment. The Mime Treatment.


Wyrdeer, the Hisuian version of Stantler. It is the dual Normal/Psychic-type Pokemon that was long overdue for an upgrade.

Wyrdeer is one of the evolutions that was introduced in Pokemon Legends Arceus. It wasn’t the case with Growlithe, where the base Pokemon got a Hisuian version. The evolution of Wyrdeer, like that of Hisuian Avalugg or Kleavor is meant to only be possible at a distant time in Hisui’s past. Wyrdeer will likely receive an Avalugg or Kleavor-style raid day in the near future.


The Generation 3 Pokedex can also be completed in Pokemon GO with the Kecleon introduced at the Hoenn Tour. Mega Evolutions are all the forms of Generation 3 Pokemon that have not been released. The release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the Hoenn-remakes is the reason for this. Mega Evolutions, released during Generation 6, were a brand-new concept. ORAS also introduced a new set of Megas, some of which originated in Hoenn.

Mega Mawile

Mega Mawile, when introduced to the Main Series games was a monster. The dual Steel/Fairy type is one of the most powerful combos in the entire game. Its ability to Mega-Evolve doubled the physical attack stat.

Mega Mawile stats without the ability are below average. It is likely that Mega Mawile will be available in future raids, but it’s stats will still fall below average. Mega Sableye, Mega Medicham, and Mega Medicham all suffered from losing abilities, and their stats are below average.

Mega Sharpedo

Mega Sharpedo is the upgraded version of Archie, Team Aqua’s Leader. This was an excellent way to bring some life into one of the game’s bosses, and it gave Sharpedo a power boost. Mega Sharpedo is competing with Mega Tyranitar and Mega Swampert in Pokemon GO. Expect to see Mega Sharpedo in Mega Raids, perhaps during the Water Festival.

Mega Camerupt

Mega Camerupt, the counterpart of Mega Camerupt from previous entries was introduced to Team Magma leader Maxie as his ace. It is my favourite Mega Evolution design (its shining form is incredible!) It does not help Camerupt overcome its crippling Speed or 4x Water weakness. It has the unlucky curse in Pokemon GO of being exactly the same type as Primal Groudon. This will make it inferior at all times. It should make a simple Mega Raid Boss due to its four-fold weakness.

Mega Metagross

This design is amazing. I admit that Metagross, my favourite Pokemon, is a bit of a bias. Mega Metagross is the Ace of Steven Stone in ORAS. In the anime it’s a shiny Mega Metagross. What a great flex!

Mega Metagross is one of four pseudo-legendaries to receive a Mega Evolution. The others are Tyranitar Salamence and Garchomp. Niantic has probably decided to hold off on this release, as these Pokemon are all dominant in their PVE departments, and Metagross is one of the most prominent PVP pseudos, along with Garchomp. This beast will be a challenge in Mega Raids in the future.


Generation 4 will be next on the list. Sinnoh has a lot of fans’ favorites. Many of them have been released already. Sinnoh will also be the next to get its version of Regional Tour. Our article contains more detailed speculation. In this article I will only briefly discuss the unreleased Pokémon/forms.

Mega Garchomp

Garchomp’s Mega Evolution took him to a new level. Garchomp has the right tools to become a top Pokemon GO contender. Its Community Day move Earth Power and Mega Evolution are just two of its many advantages. As with Mega Metagross I anticipate Niantic will hold this release off for some time, so start grinding to get that hundred Gible!

Mega Lucario

You’ll know this character if you have played X & Y, or watched the anime. Mega Lucario is the signature Pokémon of Korrina the Gym Leader. You could get one along the way through Kalos. Lucario, with its Aura Sphere, is one of the most powerful Fighting types available in Pokemon GO. Its Mega Evolution should further cement this position. We hope to see this release soon. Maybe alongside the Sinnoh Tour. Mega Energy will be featured on Mega Raids, so make sure you stock up whenever Mega Raids are available.

Mega Gallade

Mega Gallade is Mega Gardevoir’s perfect counterpoint. Mega Gallade’s moves aren’t as impressive as other Fighting or Psychic Mega Evolutions. It’s possible that Mega Gallade will appear in Mega Raids for the Valentine’s Day Event next year, since it’s right around the time of a potential Sinnoh Tour.


Rotom, an Electric / Ghost Pokemon has a special gimmick that is only available in main series games. It can possess five different appliances that change its Ghost type to either Fire, Water Ice, Flying or Grass, depending on which appliance it is using.

Rotom Wash, Mow and Frost were each released during GO Fest over the last few years. It is surprising that its base form still hasn’t been released. It may have been because it first appeared in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. It is possible to encounter only one Rotom per save, which is static in the Old Chateau. It could be unlocked through research in a similar way to Spiritomb. The remaining Heat and fan forms of the game may appear in future GO Fests. It’s hoped that it will be more available than the limited releases it was in previous years.

Phione and Manaphy

Manaphy belongs to the mythical Pokemon group that fans call the “fairy-mythicals”. This trend, which was not to be mistaken for actual Fairy-type Pokemon and started with Mew, persisted through the first few generations of Pokemon. Manaphy is the only mythical or legendary Pokemon in main series games that can be bred. The egg will hatch only into Phione.

Manaphy, Phione and a new breeding system were always rumored to be included in Pokemon GO. Breeding will not likely be added to the game for a variety of reasons. Due to this, Manaphy, Phione, and other Special Research characters will likely be included in an upcoming storyline, perhaps at the Sinnoh Tour.


It is not yet known what the last Sinnoh Pokemon will be in Pokemon GO. Arceus’ base type is Normal, but it can change into any one of 18 different types if you hold the Plate in the main series. It also takes on an entirely new form.

Arceus, a mythical Pokemon is among the few Pokemon that can be used as Raid Boss. It is similar to Darkrai or Deoxys. This doesn’t feel like a special treatment for the god of Pokemon. The research could be used to include it in the Sinnoh Tour, similar to Manaphy. But I’d love it to get some special treatment.

For a few moments, I will fully dive into speculation. Imagine we get Arceus via a Special Research Story. The base Normal form would be displayed. To change Arceus’ typing we will have to fight the different forms through an event that is a raid weekend. This would give you energy similar to Mega Energy that can be used to change Arceus’s type temporarily.

This would limit Arceus in many ways, but I do not want to pay to unlock this feature. In a pure speculative way, I think this could be an interesting, innovative, and fun way for Arceus’s forms to change without having to catch all 18 separately or force us to pay in order to do so, similar to Hoopa, Shaymin, etc. I hope Niantic can find a way to make this feature fair for everyone while also paying respect to the creators of Pokemon.


Here we are! This is all the Pokemon and Evolutions we still haven’t received for Generations 1-4 of Pokemon GO. There are many other forms that were not mentioned, such as those from movies and spinoffs. Niantic proved with Armored Mewtwo, that there is no limit to what they can do. Let’s hope!

The article is long enough. I would have liked to cover all the Unova, Kalos and Alola unreleased Pokemon forms, but it’s already too much. Watch out for the second part!

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