REVERSAL and the search for Shiny Feebas

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The thrill of finding a shiny Pokemon is one of the best parts of any Pokemon game! The Pokemon community has whole subcultures dedicated to the search for these different colored creatures. Compared to the many main series games we find it easier in GO! Not all hunts for shiny creatures are the same. It can take several years for some to finish. They require patience and hours on end of searching.

Here is one such hunt.

After the launch of Pokemon Sword & Shield in 2011, YouTuber REVERSAL started hunting down one of the most rare spawns. Feebas is not a Legendary Pokemon. Feebas is only found by fishing in Galar, just off Route 2 in a single spot. Feebas are only 1% likely to be encountered even then. You can reach mathematical probabilities I didn’t learn about when you combine the Shiny charm with the 1 in 1365.33 chance to encounter a Shiny.

In the span of 3 years REVERSAL encountered hundreds of thousands Pokemon, the majority of them being Magikarp or Chewtle, which are much more common. REVERSAL now has a country’s worth of shiny Magikarps and Chewtles, but Feebas is still elusive. REVERSAL retired the search on October 25, 2022. This coincided with the release date of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The hunt was suspended until REVERSAL announced on July 21, 2023 that it would continue until Scarlet & Violet was released.

It finally happened today – the day before Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC was released.

REVERSAL has completed a long and difficult search for the most rare shiny Pokemon. REVERSAL we congratulate you on your commitment, this has been an incredible journey.

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