Shadow Zapdos compensation announced due to Shiny availability error

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Shiny Shadow Zapdos has been accidentally disabled in some areas on 16 September 2023. Niantic’s official Twitter account (X) announced a free box and a day of make-up to compensate for the error.

Announcement Post

“Trainers: Due to the fact that shiny Shadow Zapdos were not available during Shadow Raids on September 16, an Item Bundle with three Premium Battle passes is now available for free in the Shop from Thursday, September 28th at 10:00am local time until Sunday, October 8th at 10:00pm local time, and this will be available to Trainers who raided at the time. Shadow Zapdos are available for Shadow Raids starting Oct. 6, local time. “We apologize for any inconvenience. We appreciate your patience.” – NianticHelp (X).

Trainers affected by the compensation box

Trainers that completed Shadow Zapdos Raids when the Shiny was not available can get a box for free, which rewards 3 Premium Raid passes. Boxes will be made available starting September 28 at 10am local, and ending October 8 at 10am local. Trainers that have done more than three raids will not be compensated differently.

Shadow Zapdos in Shadow Raids

On October 6, all trainers can redeem the mistake by obtaining the Shiny Shadow Zapdos. Shadow Moltres is the tier 5 Shadow Raid on all weekends in October.

Check out the Shadow Zapdos Guide if you’re looking for help in finding counters that will defeat Shadow Zapdos. Best of luck!

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