Shiny Darkrai and Shiny Gengar in Pokemon GO

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Pokemon GO’s Halloween event 2023 is here, and that means you can get your old favourite Shinys once more! Learn how to obtain a Shiny Darkrai and its Mega-evolved counterparts, Shiny Gengar, Shiny Banette.

We have also written an article about how you can get Shiny spiritomb in Pokemon GO during Halloween 2023.

Shiny Darkrai – How to get it

Pokemon GO Darkrai


After defeating Darkrai during a Raid Battle, you can receive a Shiny Darkrai as a randomly generated encounter. Darkrai does not appear in Raids very often, so it is worth trying to get one that’s shiny. For more details on Darkrai, check out our Darkrai Raid Counters Guide.

It is possible to obtain a Shiny Darkrai by completing 250 raids (*),. This obviously requires a lot of raids but the chances are still higher than obtaining a Shiny Gengar through Raids.

This is a comparison of regular Darkrai and Shiny Darkrai.

Regular form Shiny form


Shiny Darkrai

According to The Silph Research Group, the data is 99% accurate.

Shiny Gengar – How to get it

  • Gastly

  • Haunter

  • Gengar

  • Gengar (Mega)

Shiny Gengar can be obtained as a random event after you defeat Mega Gengar or by evolving Shiny Gastly to Haunter and Gengar. You can then evolve Gengar into Shiny Mega Gengar. Check our Mega Gengar Raid Guide for more information on how to defeat Mega Gengar!

There is a chance of getting a Shiny Gastly in 1 out 500 encounters (*),. The chances for a Shiny Gengar to be obtained from Raids are slightly higher but not yet enough data to determine the odds.

This is a comparison of regular Gastly and Shiny, Haunter and Mega Gengar.

Regular form Shiny form


Shiny Gastly


Shiny Haunter


Shiny Gengar

Mega Gengar

Shiny Mega Gengar

According to The Silph Research Group, the data is 99% accurate.

Shiny Banette Mega Banette – How To Get Them

Halloween Event 2022 – Part 1

  • Banette

  • Banette (Mega)

Shiny Banette can be obtained as a random event after Mega Banette has been defeated in the Raid Battle. Banette Mega Raids are still relatively new, so there isn’t much information about getting a Shiny Banette.

We don’t know the chances of getting a Shiny Banette in Raids. Silph Road’s current research data shows only 0/29 wild encounters. However, it appears that Raid encounters are missing. This suggests that wild Banette is not possible to encounter.

This is a comparison of regular, Shiny Banette Mega Banette.

Regular form Shiny form

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