Shiny Zorua is now available in Pokemon GO

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Shiny Zorua and shiny Zoroark are finally available in Pokémon GO! With the start of Pokémon GO Halloween 2023: Part II event, shiny Zorua can be encountered while playing the game. In this guide we go over how to get a Shiny Zorua, how to evolve it into Zoroark, and what you can do to increase your chances of getting one.

How to get Shiny Zorua and Zoroark

  • Zorua

  • Zoroark

Shiny Zorua is available as a random encounter in Pokémon GO. The odds to encounter a shiny version are not yet known, as it is a new Shiny. In order to find a shiny Zorua you need to farm Zorua encounters. We outline how to spot Zorua below.

Here’s a comparison between shiny and regular Zorua and Zoroark:

Regular Shiny


How to find Zorua in Pokémon GO

Zorua takes the appearance of your Buddy Pokémon and spawns on the overworld map just as any other Pokémon.

Your buddy doesn’t have to be out in order for Zorua to appear. Some Trainers actually prefer that, as it avoids the confusion of having two Buddies out at the same time.

Tapping on your “fake Buddy” will start a regular catch encounter with the Pokémon, and you still won’t know that you’re catching Zorua.

If you manage to catch it, you will be greeted with a Ditto-style “Oh!” screen, and Zorua will reveal itself. Here’s how Zorua looks like when caught:

There are a few tricks you can use to help you find Zorua with ease:

  • Use a Shiny Pokémon as your Buddy Pokémon. Shiny Pokémon cannot appear normally on the overworld map, so seeing one should be a clear sign of Zorua appearing 
  • Use a large Shadow Pokémon as your Buddy. I personally prefer Shadow Aerodactyl, as it’s large, easy to tap, and quite contrasting with the Halloween map style.

How to get Zoroark in Pokémon GO

Zorua evolves into Zoroark for 50 Candy. There are no special requirements for evolution. You can get most of the Candy by catching Zorua during Halloween or by walking with Zorua (5km).

Pokémon Conditions Evolution


50 Candy


Zoroark is a strong Dark-type Pokémon, and although it doesn’t rank super high in our Top Dark Types list, it is still a great Pokémon to have in your storage box. Not only that, Zoroark is not often available, as Zorua is super rare, so use this occasion to get one!

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