Team GO Rocket lineup changes: Grunts, Sierras.

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There have been some changes to the Team GO Rocket roster that were not announced. These include the Rocket Leader Sierra and GO Rocket Grunts. Niantic is silent on these changes. We assume that they are being made to balance certain Grunts and make Shadow Rhyorn easier to access.

We have verified and confirmed with our Japanese counterparts that these changes occurred as of this time.

Team Rocket Grunts

Team GO Rocket
Team GO Rocket
  • Shadow Rhyhorn is now available in the first slot of Ground-type Grunt battles (“You’ll be defeated into the ground!”)
  • Shadow Magnemite is back in the first slot of “Get ready to be shocked!” – Electric-type Grunt
  • Shadow Alolan Muk replaced Shadow Muk in the second slot of “Wherever there is light, there is also shadow.” – Dark-type Grunt
  • Shadow Wooper, Shadow Blitzle and Shadow Shinx have been removed from their respective Grunts

Team Go Rocket Leader Sierra

Sierra Counters

Sierra Counters
  • GO Rocket Leader Sierra no longer uses Shadow Kingdra as a third slot Pokémon, it was replaced by Shadow Houndoom

Our thoughts

Shadow Rhyhorn is now a possible first-slot Pokemon that can be used by the Ground type Grunt. This makes it much easier to get Shadow Rhyperior. The initial data indicated that Shadow Rhyhorn could only be caught in 12 percent of encounters after a battle with the Ground type Grunt. This made it extremely difficult to obtain.

It is good to remove Muk and replace it with Alolan Muk, because it allows you to have a Fighting type lineup that can be used against Dark-type Grunts. It is probably best to use Ground-types in addition to Fighters. However, it’s still a relief to have one less thing to worry about.

Sierra’s difficulty should increase now that Houndoom can be a threat, since Kingdra is probably a tougher opponent.

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