The “Fast Catch Trick” that caused the ban wave is not deliberate and will be corrected

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Many trainers have been caught in a recent ban wave, even though they claim to not have broken Niantic Terms of Service. Twitter users have shared their messages of ban, claiming that they were falsely caught in a wave because they don’t spoof nor break ToS.

The screen below informs trainers that their account has been temporarily banned for unusual activity. This screen is usually associated with bans of a shorter duration, while permanent bans are sent to the email address you have linked.

After speculation arose that the bans were linked to the Fast Catch Trick, we contacted Niantic. It appears the problem is caused by the use of the Fast Catch Trick. Niantic has confirmed that this is what is causing the bans and it’s not deliberate. Trainer shouldn’t be banned because he used the “fast-catch” trick. Niantic has stated that incorrect bans will be corrected by tomorrow, 16th November 2023.

We advise that trainers avoid the “Fast Catch” trick both in standard mode and AR to ensure their safety. This issue seems to have been triggered by the recent event. We are working on a solution. Fast Catch has been a long-time method for catching Pokemon. This is especially true during events such as GO Fest, Tours or hard-core grinders. We’ve even shared how-to articles in the past, to optimize your game!

Please contact Niantic via social media if you’ve been affected by the ban wave. As we hope that all bans are lifted once the fix for the game is complete, it’s not clear if they will.


  • Fast Catch can trigger a temporary ban at the moment
  • This is not intentional, fast catching shouldn’t trigger a ban
  • Niantic is aware and working on a fix
  • The ban wave should be remedied tomorrow

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