The latest updates and fixes for performance issues in Pokemon Sleep (October 2023)

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The versions 1.0.9 and 1.0.10 of Pokemon Sleep have been updated to include performance issues, bug fixes and other updates.

Performance Issues

The performance of the game has been affected by:

In certain situations, the Error code 028002 appears and returns the app to its title screen. This occurs when the cooking pot is filled with a lot of ingredients. Cooking pot capacity could be up to 200 times larger with the main skill Cooking Power Up S. The bug was when there were more ingredients used. The plan is to add a message that will appear if the main skill triggers when the pot reaches its maximum capacity to let the player know that it cannot be used.

Conditions that can lead to the appearance of this bug include:

Use more ingredients than this amount for cooking

The maximum capacity of the Cooking Power Up S is 200 + 2 (only when activated by an End-of Week Bonus).
If, for example, a pot has a capacity of 33 and the Bonus at the end of the week is activated, then the Pot’s capacity increases by 200 maximum, when a Good Camp ticket is used: (33 + 2 + 200), x 1,5 = 399.

You can prevent the bug from triggering by only using ingredients that are 399 or less.

Pokemon Sleep has asked that until the bugs are fixed, players refrain from using more than these ingredients when cooking.

With the latest server upgrade, we have resolved this issue:

  • Effects from the Helping Bonus not being reflected. This is scheduled to be fixed soon with a server update.

Version 1.0.9 has resolved the following issues:

  • Strength Gained displayed as 0 when a recipe at max level (50) was cooked. This was displayed as 0, but the correct amount of Strength was gained.
  • Adjustments based on Pokémon Natures not being reflected when using candies to gain EXP. This is scheduled to be fixed in late September.

Game developers are still working to fix the problem and continue their investigation.

Please note that the following bug was already fixed by a recent server update.

  • Pokémon recovering over 100 Energy from sleep at the end of the week (most often from sleep between Sunday and Monday)

Game Contents Updates

  • Changes to make Pokémon in the Pokémon Box recover a small amount of Energy from sleep – this has been actioned, with a full explanation here.
  • Changes to when fonts for other languages will be downloaded: when they become needed for display (this will apply to users who install or reinstall the app in the future)
  • Changes to give a gift of diamonds to users who link their accounts or who have already linked accounts
  • Changes to allow users to navigate to their bag from the Gift Box screen when the gift cannot be accepted because the bag’s items pocket is full

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes to a text error for Main Skill Energizing Cheer S
  • Changes were made to the text about Energy recovery. Before fix: another Pokémon chosen at random. After fix: one random Pokémon on your team
  • Fixes to a bug that returned the app to the title screen immediately after tapping a Pokémon that had found a candy on the home screen
  • Fixes to a bug that caused Strength Gained to display as 0 when a recipe at max level (50) was cooked. This was displayed as 0, but the correct amount of Strength was gained.
  • Fixes to a bug that caused adjustments based on Pokémon Natures not to be reflected when using candies to gain EXP
  • Fixes to a bug that caused multiple messages to be unintentionally sent in a single day to the research community (when sleep is tracked twice in one day, the results of only the first sleep research session will be sent to friends)
  • Fixes to a bug that caused session photos not to be displayed when the graphic quality was set low
  • Fixes to a bug that caused Error 028001 to occur when the Auto Cook button was pressed repeatedly

Future Update Plans

The research community specifications will change so that it is possible for friends to give you two Pokemon candy instead of just one. As a result, the closer a friend is to a player, the more likely they are to receive two Pokemon candies.

It will improve your quality of life, since it is almost useless to have a friend in your contact list if you do not receive any rewards. You can help them in an interesting way. You can do this by paying attention to which Pokemon Candys are most useful for the research community.

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