The Lunchables Company and Pokemon Go have teamed up to offer in-game rewards!

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Hello, Pokemon Trainers! According to Niantic Labs, Niantic has partnered up with US food and snack brand Lunchables in order to offer Pokemon GO users special rewards.

We have a good idea of the tasks that need to be completed, even though we don’t know all the details. One of our members from GO Hub BlueNephros was able to witness this type of collaborative work first-hand. He was kind enough to send some photos:

You will appear to receive a crate containing items similar to those found in Team GO Rocket’s balloons. The items appear to be snack foods that can be found in the Lunchables catalogue. You will need to use the AR features in Pokemon GO to make model figures out of these items.

We don’t know much more. Christina Brown, Kraft Heinz’s Associate Brand Manager for Brand Communications and NianticLabs associate brand manager, Brand Communications claims that the collaborations are likely to continue.

It’s an exciting opportunity to partner with Niantic to create a Rewarded A.R. Ads campaign that allows us to interact with our audience in an unexpected and unique way, helping us build brand affinity and awareness while encouraging reward program participation.

It seems that we will be seeing more collaborations like this in the near future. For now, Pokemon Trainers. Priom-out!

What are Lunchables?

According to Wikipedia, Lunchables are a line of snacks and food manufactured in Chicago by Kraft Heinz and sold under the Oscar Mayer name. The first products were introduced in Seattle, Washington in 1988. They then went on to be released nationwide in 1989. The majority of Lunchables are manufactured in Garland, Texas, before being distributed throughout the United States. The product was originally sold under Dairylea, but is now distributed by Mondelez in the United Kingdom.

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