The Pokemon Go Local Tournaments are Coming to Europe

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Good day, Pokémon trainers! If you were not already aware, the official Pokémon GO tournament format has started to use the “Championship Points” system along with the start of the 2024 season. This means that trainers can now expect to get points from retail game-shops partnered with The Pokémon Company in order to get rewards.

Sufficient points will award trainers with the ability to participate in the World Championship that will be hosted in Honolulu Hawaii. Other games that host tournaments in the official Play! Pokémon circuit were already using the championship points system. So now Pokémon GO has joined the fray as well.

So far championship points were only available on select retail stores in the US (excluding regional and international tournaments hosted by The Pokémon Company themselves). But this all changes now. As both the official Pokémon GO, as well as the Pokémon website have announced that retail locations in Europe will now be able to host local tournaments for championship points as well. Like the Pokémon Trading Card Game events already taking place at these locations, Pokémon GO events offer Trainers opportunities to meet other members of the community, develop skills, and win prizes and Travel Awards.

Overall this is fantastic news! This will allow larger groups of people to gather together and enjoy Pokémon GO in a new way, even if they are unable to participate in larger regional or international tournaments. Though specifics regarding which European countries and retail locations these local tournaments can and will be hosted in has yet to be mentioned. If you want to learn more about championship points you can do so here.

Pokémon GO League Challenges are competitions held regularly at game stores that host Play! Pokémon events. These are small, entry-level tournaments on a local scale that are a great way to learn the fundamentals of battling in Pokémon GO while testing your skills against other Pokémon GO players. Pokémon GO League Cups are more robust tournaments held regularly at the same locations as GO League Challenges. Pokémon GO League Cups give Trainers an opportunity to earn Championship Points and practice their skills for larger competitions.

When locations are announced, you’ll be able to use the location finder here to find your nearest competitions!

Goodbye for now, Pokémon trainers. Priom-out!

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