Trainers now have the option to follow a route while playing Party Play!

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Starting today, Trainers can now follow Routes using Party Play. Prior to today, you could only follow Routes while outside of Party Play. Creating a party with friends would make it impossible for you to finish a route.

Pokemon GO Routes are a topic of intense debate in the community. The low number has made it difficult for trainers living in rural areas (aka, impossible) to access this content. Niantic recently took steps to rectify this, by lowering the requirements for who can create new Routes.

Niantic is not doing a great job of making Routes accessible to all players. At the time of writing Trainers with a level of 45 or higher can create Routes. This is still an extremely high level to have a feature this important.

Pokemon GO Party Play will be launched on October 17th, 2023. Party Play was a relatively popular feature. With a few known bugs fixed since its release, everyone can enjoy it.

These two features were mutually exclusive until today. You could either be in a party or follow a path. We never knew why this happened, but suspect that it’s due to Niantic having a technical restriction. This is not the case anymore. You can now follow Routes (if they are available around you).

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