Updating Pokemon Sleep Version 1.0.9: Downtime, Maintenance and Other Updates

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Pokemon Sleep announced that a number of updates will require that the game be maintained. The maintenance period is as follows.

Starts Ends
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
at 2:00am UTC
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
at 6:30am UTC

If you assume that this is the same downtime as before, the way your sleep research will work may vary.

  • You can continue your sleep research normally if you start tracking your sleep prior to maintenance.
  • You can continue your sleep research normally if you start your tracking of sleep during maintenance.
  • You can record up to two sessions. They will then be combined and the entire sleep study, including the snack period, will be performed automatically.

Officially, the announcement does not include the timezone of the maintenance. However, the previous downtime occurred at UTC and it seems that the game is usually centered around UTC when this type of thing occurs.

This week marks the 2nd Good Sleep Day and Clefairy is likely to be featured as this is also the Harvest Moon.

Version 1.0.9 Updates

Game Contents

* Updates that allow Pokemon to recover some energy from sleeping – an update of great importance!
The app will now download fonts in other languages only when needed (this applies to all users, whether they install the application or not).
* Users who already have linked their accounts will receive a diamond gift.
The user can now navigate directly to the Bag screen from the Gift Box when the item pocket in the bag is already full. This update improves the quality of the experience.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where adjustments made based on Pokemon Natures were not reflected in the EXP gained when candies are used.
The bug was fixed that resulted in multiple messages being sent unintentionally to researchers in the same day (when sleeping is tracked twice on the same day, only the results from the first session of sleep research will be sent).
* A bug was fixed that prevented session photos from being displayed if the graphics quality setting is low
This update fixes a bug which caused Error 28001 when pressing the Auto Cook button repeatedly. The bug affected Cooking for Samsung devices, and crashes as soon as you start cooking a meal.

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